In Your 20’s?

Life is changing and mostly for the better.

You’re experiencing your first taste of financial freedom and enjoying the benefits that full time work and a career can offer. However, with these changes come responsibilities. For the first time, you might be thinking about how you can get the most out of your money.

Naturally, in your 20’s you won’t be looking too far ahead into your financial future, but you will have financial goals, like an overseas holiday or saving for your first home. But, are things like credit card debt, student debt, mobile phone bills and accommodation expenses getting in your way?

At this stage in life, it’s not so much about what you earn; it’s about how much you save. If you feel like you are struggling to get ahead, we have some tips that can not only help you change the way you save and spend, but make a big difference to your financial future.

 Financial Advisor can help you:

  • Manage and reduce your debt
  • Save more, spend less and invest the difference
  • Plan for your future: understand your expenses, maximise your growth opportunities.

As part of our lifetime advice investment philosophy, we are here to provide guidance and education as you start on your journey to financial freedom. Even though it’s early

day’s, managing your money wisely now can make a significant difference to your lifestyle and your finances later.


David has recently finished a four year business and finance degree at university and has a HECS debt of $25,000. He has just started a graduate role at one of the leading banks and is taking home a packaged wage of $65,000 per annum.

As David is now earning over $50,000 he has started paying back his HECS loan at 4 per cent per month which is automatically deducted from his pay each cycle.

David is currently living in the trendy inner-suburbs and, by his own admission, above his means. His credit card debt is just over $3,500 and he owes $12,500 on his car. Ideally, David is hoping to purchase his own property in the next few years but, with mounting bills and the cost of living, he isn’t sure how he will pull together a deposit.

 How we can help

Like many people who first enter the workforce, David is enjoying the benefits of financial freedom, but noticing that this freedom comes at a price. The most important thing for David is to get his debt under control. He can help by reviewing and

Consolidating David’s debt. By setting up a repayment plan, David will be paying down his debt on the highest interest rate items first. He can also help David with cash flow and budgeting advice. That way, he will be able to put aside some money each month and still enjoy a good standard of living.

The decisions you make today can have an impact on how your finances will look in the future. To find out how one of our qualified advisers can help you take the first steps towards financial independence.