Good debt and bad debt – recognise the difference

Good debt and bad debt – recognise the difference

Many of us will experience debt in our lifetime, and for the most part it is unavoidable. Major expenses such as a house and car, family expenses, education and lifestyle mean that you may spend most of your working life paying off debt.

But having debt does not mean you can’t build your wealth. In fact, having ‘good debt’ can provide you with tax benefits that you can use to help you protect and increase your wealth and live comfortably in retirement.


A financial planner can help you recognise the difference between good debt and bad debt and put you on the right track to gaining financial freedom.

We can help you to:

  • manage debt
  • set short term and long term savings goals
  • review your superannuation strategy
  • develop a risk insurance plan to protect your wealth
  • look at ways you can optimise the benefits of your debt.

The earlier you start will help to ensure that you reap the benefits sooner.

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